what’s intimacies?

intimacies is a series of occasional essays by larissa pham, inspired by my diary tinyletter of the same name. in these letters you’ll hear about what i’m reading, looking at, listening to, thinking about, and working on. like the name of this letter series suggests, this is close matter: the things that occupy me right now; the things i’m feeling, right now.

why subscribe?

for now, intimacies is free, and the occasional letters will always be free. eventually, once this project gets a little momentum, i’ll be adding paid subscriptions.

signing up as a paid subscriber lets me know you’re supporting my voice and my critical eye, and doing so in a palpable, material way. as a thank-you, all paid subscribers will have access to excerpts of work in progress before anyone else, book thoughts, and one-off, special letters.

will the whole thing be in all lowercase?

no, this is just for like, the display pages right now.

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